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During a performance yesterday (December 15), AOA's Seolhyun wasn't feeling well and had to be taken to the hospital.
On December 16, the singer posted a message on Instagram thanking everyone for worrying about her:
"Hello, it's Seolhyun.
I was okay until I got on stage yesterday.
But suddenly during the performance, I wasn't in good condition.
I think it was too much.
Although it was not cold indoors,
I will wear warm clothes in the future.
Thank you for your concern.
I was worried for the members, as well as those at the performance, I want to say sorry to all of you who were there. 
I will show a healthy appearance and a good stage in the future."
Take care of your health, Seolhyun!

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VendettaForV   11 months ago
Yeah right-- that wasn't just being cold :((
Please take care of her FNC!!!

11 months ago
RefModerator   11 months ago
Great to hear she's fine 😄
11 months ago

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