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Billboard: "In 2018, Korean artists pushed the boundaries of what K-pop can do on the world stage. We tend to stick with singles on year-end lists at Billboard, unless there's a standout deeper cut that we like more -- though we decided to allow two BTS entries on the list this year because, frankly, it was hard to choose between our two nominated songs. This top 20 list is a compilation of the greatest K-pop songs from a year marked by loss, new beginnings and stratospheric accomplishments."
Let's check out the Top 20:
20. Seventeen, "Oh My!" (You Make My Day)
19. NCT U, "Baby Don't Stop" (NCT 2018 Empathy)
18. EXO, “Tempo" (Don't Mess Up My Tempo)
17. fromis_9, “Love Bomb” (From.9)
16. Loco & Hwasa, "Don't" (The Hyena on the Keyboard, Pt. 4)
15. BTS, “134340” (Love Yourself: Tear)
14. CLC, "Black Dress" (Black Dress)
13. Dean - “Instagram” (no album)
12. MAMAMOO, "Egotistic" (Red Moon)
11. Super Junior, Leslie Grace & Play-N-Skillz, "Lo Siento" (Replay)
10. Sunmi, "Heroine" (Warning)
9. IZONE, "La Vie en Rose" (ColorIz)
8. Apink, "I'm So Sick" (One & Six)
7. iKON, "Love Scenario" (Return)
6. Heize feat. Gaeko, “Jenga” (Wish & Wind)
5. SHINee, “Our Page” (The Story of Light EP. 3)
4. IU, "BBIBBI" (no album)
3. BTS, "Fake Love" (Love Yourself: Tear)
2. Pentagon, “Shine” (Positive)
1. Red Velvet, "Bad Boy" (The Perfect Red Velvet)
Do you agree with this list? 

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CindyModerator   6 months ago
Twice should've had at least one of their bops on there
6 months ago
Krypta    CindyModerator   6 months ago
True! All of their title songs have been totally bops! Even Yes or yes!
6 months ago
Krypta   6 months ago
Now this is a pretty good list! Love that they included CLC's Black Dress! It was such a nice song but sadly, so many people slept on them. EXO's Tempo deserves a higher rank though, it was such a great song. Pretty different, actually. I'm quite surprised that Ddu-du-ddu-du isn't here considering how much YG hyped their international accomplishment.
6 months ago
minlulu    Krypta   6 months ago
I thought it was a pretty great list too! I approve their BTS song choices lmao, and I liked that they included DEAN and Apink. I'm kinda bummed Winner or Monsta X aren't on there too, they've had some real bops this year. I feel like the female to male distribution is pretty good too, compared to a lot of other rankings and lists. 
6 months ago
Original DavidModerator   6 months ago
Dang, fromis_9 taking out TWICE and BLACKPINK, the man is trying to get himself killed or crying out for help.
6 months ago
VendettaForV   6 months ago
CLC hanging on! Our girls won't go down without fighting! 
6 months ago

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