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Billboard: "In 2018, Korean artists pushed the boundaries of what K-pop can do on the world stage. We tend to stick with singles on year-end lists at Billboard, unless there's a standout deeper cut that we like more -- though we decided to allow two BTS entries on the list this year because, frankly, it was hard to choose between our two nominated songs. This top 20 list is a compilation of the greatest K-pop songs from a year marked by loss, new beginnings and stratospheric accomplishments."
Let's check out the Top 20:
20. Seventeen, "Oh My!" (You Make My Day)
19. NCT U, "Baby Don't Stop" (NCT 2018 Empathy)
18. EXO, “Tempo" (Don't Mess Up My Tempo)
17. fromis_9, “Love Bomb” (From.9)
16. Loco & Hwasa, "Don't" (The Hyena on the Keyboard, Pt. 4)
15. BTS, “134340” (Love Yourself: Tear)
14. CLC, "Black Dress" (Black Dress)
13. Dean - “Instagram” (no album)
12. MAMAMOO, "Egotistic" (Red Moon)
11. Super Junior, Leslie Grace & Play-N-Skillz, "Lo Siento" (Replay)
10. Sunmi, "Heroine" (Warning)
9. IZONE, "La Vie en Rose" (ColorIz)
8. Apink, "I'm So Sick" (One & Six)
7. iKON, "Love Scenario" (Return)
6. Heize feat. Gaeko, “Jenga” (Wish & Wind)
5. SHINee, “Our Page” (The Story of Light EP. 3)
4. IU, "BBIBBI" (no album)
3. BTS, "Fake Love" (Love Yourself: Tear)
2. Pentagon, “Shine” (Positive)
1. Red Velvet, "Bad Boy" (The Perfect Red Velvet)
Do you agree with this list? 

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CindyModerator   10 months ago
Twice should've had at least one of their bops on there
10 months ago
Krypta    CindyModerator   10 months ago
True! All of their title songs have been totally bops! Even Yes or yes!
10 months ago
Krypta   10 months ago
Now this is a pretty good list! Love that they included CLC's Black Dress! It was such a nice song but sadly, so many people slept on them. EXO's Tempo deserves a higher rank though, it was such a great song. Pretty different, actually. I'm quite surprised that Ddu-du-ddu-du isn't here considering how much YG hyped their international accomplishment.
10 months ago
minlulu    Krypta   10 months ago
I thought it was a pretty great list too! I approve their BTS song choices lmao, and I liked that they included DEAN and Apink. I'm kinda bummed Winner or Monsta X aren't on there too, they've had some real bops this year. I feel like the female to male distribution is pretty good too, compared to a lot of other rankings and lists. 
10 months ago
Original DavidModerator   10 months ago
Dang, fromis_9 taking out TWICE and BLACKPINK, the man is trying to get himself killed or crying out for help.
10 months ago
VendettaForV   10 months ago
CLC hanging on! Our girls won't go down without fighting! 
10 months ago

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