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Paper Magazine: "Say what you will about the news throughout 2018, but you can't deny it was a major year of musical innovation and breakthroughs. From standout albums from pop icons, queer game-changes and future-thinking newcomers, the musical landscape never looked brighter and K-pop arguably played a major part in this.
After a game-changing year for K-pop, PAPER put together the 20 songs that helped the scene shine brighter than ever."
Check out the Top 20 below!
20. Momoland "Bboom Bboom"
19. Seventeen "Thanks"
18. 9MUSES / Solo Artist Kyungri "Blue Moon"
17. Loona yyxy "love4eva"
16. Heize "Jenga" 
15. Apink "I'm So Sick"
14. G-idle "Latata"
13. BlackPink "Ddu-du Ddu-du"
12. Loco & Hwasa "Don't"
11. Twice "Yes or Yes"
10. Super Junior "Lo Siento"
9. Dean "Instagram"
8. IZ*ONE "La Vie en Rose"
7. Key "One Of Those Nights"
6. Pentagon "Shine"
4. iKON "Love Scenario"
3. Sunmi "Heroine"
2. Red Velvet "Bad Boy" 
1. BTS "Fake Love"
Do you agree with their list? 

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