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When asked about how he felt about achieving 10 million viewers with the “Along with the Gods” series, Kim Yong Hwa replied modestly, “I had a strong desire after the big failure with ‘Mr. Go.' When I look back, the biggest failure was in planning. I should have shown my abilities in the genre I was best in.”
Since both films from the “Along with the Gods” series were filmed simultaneously, the investment distributor changed from CJ ENM to Lotte Entertainment. In the process, Dexter Studios also invested in the production. On this, Kim Yong Hwa commented, “As the investor changed, I did feel a sense of urgency. I invested thinking there was no going back. However, rather than thinking of it as a burden, I thought of it as enjoying an adventure.” He added, “I thought about what the most important thing in a film was. There's a lot, but I thought it was emotion. I was sure of this. I cried a lot while writing the scenario for ‘Along with the Gods.'”
Regarding the set mood, he said. “It's true that it feels burdensome on set. Some of the scenes were all green [having to use a green screen for CG]. Honestly, I wondered if it was okay to go to this extent. However, the bowstring was already pulled. I trusted the actors. We trusted each other. When the actors felt uncertain, I pretended to be confident even when I didn't know anything.”
Kim Yong Hwa shared, “We rested two to three times a week. We didn't film more than 20 times in a month. I think the longest was 17 times in one month.” Kim Yong Hwa said, “I have a complex of wanting to look like a good person in front of others.” He then added, “I hope that the people I've worked with remember me as a good person. I want to be respected, so I respect people.”
Kim Yong Hwa also said the initial goal of the “Along with the Gods” series was to make a good commercial film. However, it wasn't a film purposely made to gain awards, as a movie like that would never receive love from the public. However, he wanted many people to discuss the CG effects that were used in the series.
For the third and fourth installment of the “Along with the Gods” series, Kim Yong Hwa said, “The goal to produce it in 2021. I plan to film the third and fourth part simultaneously this time as well.” He also added that EXO's D.O. will be starring in the third part of the series. Kim Yong Hwa said, “I met him today. It's confirmed.”

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