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Singer Zelo (Choi Joonhong) prepares to resume his music related activities in earnest after leaving B.A.P.
Zelo, who officially announced his withdrawal from B.A.P after his contract with his agency expired in December last year, recently completed a feature recording of Lee Yejun's new song, "You and Me, Us."
Lee's new song "You and Me, Us" is the title track of his album, which will be released in Korea and Japan simultaneously, with messages of farewell and new beginnings ahead of the graduation season in February. Zelo participated in the rap featuring and writing of "You and Me, Us."
"Zelo, who is preparing to stand alone after leaving the long-time team, readily agreed on the theme of the song and decided to participate. It is a song that cheers everyone who is going to graduate from school and their new start," said music platform Municon.
The album featuring the song “You and Me, Us” is the second album Municon will release in Korea and Japan after their first album “Municon Vol. 1” with Arom's “Emptiness In Memory” and The One's “Promise Of Sunflower.”
It is the second album to be released after the release in Korea and Japan, recording the songs in Korean and Japanese, and releasing them in both countries at the same time.
“You And Me Us” by Lee Ye Joon and Zelo will be released on January 22, and the album will include a total of 10 songs from artists such as READER, Lee Da, Song Da Ye, Kei.G, ZEMINI, HOON.J, Pollen, and Tera.
Zelo will also perform at the Municon Festival in Seoul on February 9 and in Tokyo on February 21.
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