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Girl's Day stressed that they are not disbanding. 
"Sojin decided not to renew her contract after her contract will terminate in February," said Dream T Entertainment, the agency for Girl's Day, on January 11. 
They also stressed that they have no intention of disbanding Girl's Day.

The official statement of Dream T Entertainment goes:
It's Dream Entertainment.
Here's our official position on Girl's Day.
Sojin has decided not to renew her exclusive contract with DreamT Entertainment that will end in February 2019.
The rest of the members (Yura, Minah, and Hyeri) are also discussing with the company in various ways because the contract is being completed.
We have no intention of disbanding Girl's Day and ending their group activities.
Girl's Day are looking for ways to be together and continue promoting together in the future.
We'll continue to do a lot more activities.
Please support us.
Thank you.
Source: [1]
Original Article:

It has been confirmed that girl group Girl's Day members are looking for different agencies before their contract expires.
According to multiple entertainment officials, Girl's Day members Sojin, Yura, Minah, and Hyeri are currently looking for new management agencies, planning to leave Dream T Entertainment, whose contract ends this year. They are looking for an agency where they can continue their careers in acting, not an agency to continue their careers in Girl's Day. 
"We want the members to act as actors," an official said. I understand that he is in contact with an agency that manages an actor, not a singer. All the members are in personal contact rather than moving together.
All the members of Girl's Day have been active in many ways, including not only as singers but also in acting and entertainment programs. All of the members are expected to show a strong direction in the search for their new agencies because they want to continue working as actors.
Girl's Day debuted in the music scene in 2010. Starting with Hyeri and Minah, Sojin and Yura are all acting as well. Hyeri is the most active actor. She stepped into a leading role in dramas and made her big screen debut with "Monstrum" last year. 
Attention is drawn to the future of Girl's Day in 2019, which marks its 10th year as a group.
Source: [1]

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