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|Rank|Artist|Album|Album Type|Total Sales (in 2018)|Release Date|
|1.|BTS|LOVE YOURSELF 結 'Answer'|3rd compilation album|2,197,808|180824|
|2.|BTS|LOVE YOURSELF 轉 'Tear'|3rd full-length album|1,849,537|180518|
|3.|EXO|Don't Mess Up My Tempo|5th full-length album|1,452,030|181102|
|4.|Wanna One|0+1=1 (I PROMISE YOU)|2nd mini album|782,562|180319|
|5.|Wanna One|1÷χ=1 (UNDIVIDED)|3rd mini album|641,131|180604|
|6.|Wanna One|1¹¹=1 (POWER OF DESTINY)|1st full-length album|605,128|181119|
|7.|EXO|LOVE SHOT|repackage of 5th full-length album|499,849|181213|
|8.|SEVENTEEN|YOU MAKE MY DAY|6th mini album|389,937|180616|
|9.|EXO-CBX|Blooming Days|2nd mini album|363,567|180410|
|10.|TWICE|What Is Love?|6th mini album|348,797|180409|
|11.|BTS|LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her'|5th mini album|333,420|170918|
|12.|GOT7|Eyes On You|8th mini album|332,580|180312|
|13.|NCT|NCT 2018 EMPATHY|1st full-length album|330,335|180314|
|14.|GOT7|Present : YOU|3rd full-length album|326,754|180917|
|15.|TWICE|YES or YES|7th mini album|325,761|181105|
|16.|TWICE|Summer Nights|special album|314,421|180709|
|17.|NCT 127|NCT #127 Regular-Irregular|1st full-length album|292,341|181012|
|18.|NU'EST W|WHO, YOU|2nd mini album|250,810|180625
|19.|Monsta X|Take.1 ARE YOU THERE?|2nd full-length album|239,137|181022
|20.|Jonghyun (SHINee)|    Poet l Artist|2nd full-length album|235,965|180123
|21.|BLACKPINK|SQUARE UP|1st mini album|230,656|180615
|22.|NCT DREAM|We Go Up|2nd mini album|202,626|180903
|23.|TWICE|The year of 'YES'|special album|196,034|181212
|24.|IZONE|COLORIZ|debut mini album|192,738|181029
|25.|NU'EST W|WAKE,N|3rd mini album|191,461|181126
|26.|SEVENTEEN|DIRECTOR'S CUT|special album|188,911|180205
|27.|GOT7|Present : YOU &ME Edition|repackage of 3rd full-length album|185,641|181203
|28.|Monsta X|THE CONNECT : DEJAVU|6th mini album|175,130|180326
|29.|NCT 127|NCT #127 Regulate|repackage of 1st full-length album|157,809|181123
|30.|Red Velvet|Summer Magic|7th mini album|157,323|180806
|31.|TVXQ!|New Chapter #1 : The Chance of Love|8th full-length album|146,354|180328
|32.|Super Junior|One More Time|special album|142,534|181008
|33.|BTS|화양연화 Young Forever|1st compilation album|129,819|160502
|34.|BTS|WINGS|2nd full-length album|129,787|161010
|35.|JBJ|True Colors|2nd mini album|123,502|180117
|36.|WINNER|EVERYD4Y|2nd full-length album|121,062|180404
|37.|BTOB|THIS IS US|11th mini album|119,401|180618
|38.|Hwang Chi Yeul|Be Myself|2nd mini album|115,988|180424
|39.|THE BOYZ|THE ONLY|3rd mini album|115,754|181129
|40.|SHINee|The Story of Light EP.1|6th full-length album part 1|115,234|180528
|41.|Super Junior|REPLAY|re-release of 8th full-length album|114,457|180412
|42.|BTS|YOU NEVER WALK ALONE|repackage of 2nd full-length album|111,140|170213
|43.|iKON|NEW KIDS : CONTINUE|1st mini album|109,481|180802
|44.|Stray Kids|I am YOU|3rd mini album|107,975|181022
|45.|iKON|Return|2nd full-length album|105,105|180125
|46.|BTOB|Hour Moment|12th mini album|101,747|181112
|47.|SHINee|The Story of Light EP.3|6th full-length album part 3|98,998|180625
|48.|SHINee|The Story of Light EP.2|6th full-length album part 2|97,220|180611
|49.|Red Velvet|RBB|8th mini album|94,367|181130
|50.|VIXX|EAU DE VIXX|3rd full-length album|94,225|180417
|51.|TVXQ!|New Chapter #2 : The Truth of Love|special album|93,238|181226
|52.|Stray Kids|I am WHO|2nd mini album|91,648|180806
|53.|Red Velvet|The Perfect Red Velvet|repackage of 2nd full-length album|91,325|180129
|54.|Stray Kids|I am NOT|debut mini album|86,576|180326
|55.|GFRIEND|Time for the moon night|6th mini album|84,313|180430
|56.|INFINITE|TOP SEED|3rd full-length album|80,523|180108
|57.|BTS|화양연화 pt.2|4th mini album|80,100|151130
|58.|BTS|Skool Luv Affair|2nd mini album|77,291|140212
|59.|BTS|화양연화 pt.1|3rd mini album|72,472|150429
|60.|Wanna One|1¹¹=1 (POWER OF DESTINY) (KINO)|1st full-length album kino ver|71,783|181119
|61.|THE BOYZ|THE START|2nd mini album|71,585|180403
|62.|MINO (WINNER)|XX|debut full-length album|71,302|181126
|63.|Taeyeon (Girls' Generation)|Something New|4th mini album|70,400|180618
|64.|ONEW (SHINee)|VOICE|debut mini album|69,023|181205
|65.|UP10TION|INVITATION|1st full-length album|68,420|180319
|66.|DAY6|Shoot Me : Youth Part 1|3rd mini album|65,571|180626
|67.|BTS|Dark & Wild|1st full-length album|65,537|140819
|68.|Apink|ONE & SIX|7th mini album|64,030|180702
|69.|JBJ|NEW MOON|1st full-length album|62,707|180417
|70.|WJSN|WJ PLEASE?|5th mini album|61,952|180919
|71.|Stray Kids|Mixtape|pre-debut mini album|60,769|180108
|72.|KEY (SHINee)|FACE|debut full-length album|60,053|181126
|73.|Yang Yoseop (Highlight)|白 (White)|2nd mini album|58,535|180219
|74.|iKON|NEW KID : THE FINAL|2nd mini album|58,357|181001
|75.|Nam Woohyun (INFINITE)|Second Write...|2nd mini album|56,842|180903
|76.|Shinhwa|Heart|5th mini album|56,398|180828
|77.|TWICE|Merry & Happy|special album|56,334|171211
|78.|Kim Sungkyu (INFINITE)|10 Story|1st full-length album|56,082|180226
|79.|GFRIEND|Sunny Summer|7th mini album|54,913|180719
|80.|LOONA|[+ +]|debut mini album|52,823|180820
|81.|PENTAGON|Positive|6th mini album|52,488|180402
|82.|BTS|O! RUL8 ,2?|1st mini album|52,203|130911
|83.|JBJ95|HOME|debut mini album|52,077|181031
|84.|WINNER|MILLIONS|3rd single album|52,074|181219
|85.|BTS|2 Cool 4 Skool|1st single album|51,296|130612
|86.|SHINee|The Story of Light Epilogue|3rd compilation album|50,635|180910
|87.|MAMAMOO|Yellow Flower|6th mini album|50,574|180307
|88.|DAY6|Remember Us : Youth Part 2|4th mini album|49,721|181210
|89.|MAMAMOO|RED MOON|7th mini album|48,709|180716
|90.|WJSN|Dream your dream|4th mini album|48,328|180227
|91.|Wanna One|1X1=1(TO BE ONE)|1st mini album|48,126|170807
|92.|Highlight|OUTRO|3rd mini album|47,937|181120
|93.|THE BOYZ|THE SPHERE|1st single album|47,470|180905
|94.|Seungri (BIGBANG)|THE GREAT SEUNGRI|1st full-length album|46,505|180720
|95.|TWICE|Signal|5th mini album|46,328|170515
|96.|Golden Child|奇跡(기적)(Miracle)|2nd mini album|46,281|180129
|97.|UNB|Boyhood|debut mini album|46,131|180407
|98.|MXM (Brand New Boys)|MATCH UP|2nd mini album|45,806|180110
|99.|MAMAMOO|BLUE;S|8th mini album|45,493|191129
|100.|JENNIE (BLACKPINK)|SOLO|debut single album|45,402|181112

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