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|Digital Rank|Artist|Song|Digital Score
|1.|iKON|Love Scenario|1,232,928,610|
|2.|Jang Deok Cheol|그날처럼 (Good Old Days)|1,140,111,375|
|3.|Paul Kim|모든 날, 모든 순간 (Every Day, Every Moment)|1,006,784,017|
|4.|MOMOLAND|뿜뿜 (Bboom Bboom)|968,978,861|
|5.|BLACKPINK|뚜두뚜두 (DDU-DU DDU-DU)|940,214,913|
|6.|Nilo|지나오다 (Pass by)|939,050,840|
|7.|MeloMance|선물 (Gift)|915,842,576|
|8.|SHAUN|Way Back Home|877,004,722|
|9.|Roy Kim|그때 헤어지면 돼 (Only Then)|870,444,304|
|10.|Bolbbalgan4 (BOL4)|여행 (Travel)|861,213,547|
|11.|Camila Cabello|Havana (feat. Young Thug)|858,443,826|
|13.|MAMAMOO|별이 빛나는 밤 (Starry Night)|818,745,489|
|14.|Chungha|Roller Coaster|790,592,470|
|15.|Fitz & The Tantrums|HandClap|778,706,259|
|16.|Loco X Hwasa (MAMAMOO)|주지마 (Above Live)|763,869,531|
|17.|BIGBANG|꽃 길 (Flower Road)|692,326,377|
|18.|ISU (M.C the MAX)|My Way (Money Flower OST)|688,475,784|
|19.|BTS|FAKE LOVE|680,480,472|
|20.|TWICE|Dance the Night Away|679,562,027|
|21.|IU|밤편지 (Through the Night)|671,627,013|
|24.|Monday Kiz|가을 안부 (When Autumn Comes)|642,110,034|
|25.|TWICE|What Is Love?|639,616,609|
|26.|Red Velvet|Bad Boy|633,178,757|
|27.|Ben|열애중 (Love, ing)|632,615,328|
|28.|MoonMoon|비행운 (Contrail)|631,159,449|
|29.|Ed Sheeran|Shape of You|631,148,133|
|30.|Yang Da Il|미안해 (lie)|607,644,836|
|31.|BTS|봄날 (Spring Day)|602,858,556|
|32.|BLACKPINK|Forever Young|599,469,295|
|33.|Punch|밤이 되니까 (When Night Is Falling)|596,242,997|
|34.|GFRIEND|밤 (Time for the moon night)|581,122,095|
|35.|GB9|이 별 (Star) (from Sugar Man 2)|578,053,231|
|36.|Yoon Jong Shin|좋니 (Like It)|571,491,449|
|37.|BTOB|그리워하다 (Missing You)|568,485,596|
|38.|TWICE|Heart Shaker|561,730,772|
|39.|Yong Jun Hyung (Highlight)|소나기 (Sudden Shower) (feat. 10cm)|559,185,730|
|40.|Bolbbalgan4 (BOL4)|#첫사랑 (#First Love)|551,849,422|
|41.|Im Chang Jung|하루도 그대를 사랑하지 않은 적이 없었다 (There has never been a day I haven't loved you)|529,924,685|
|42.|Heize|비도 오고 그래서 (You, Clouds, Rain) (feat. Shin Yong Jae)|524,817,813|
|43.|HAON|붕붕 (feat Sik-K) (prod. GroovyRoom) (from School Rapper 2)|519,871,896|
|45.|Apink|1도 없어 (I'm So Sick)|510,916,483|
|46.|Park Won|all of my life|502,562,361|
|47.|Sunmi|주인공 (Heroine)|499,064,822|
|48.|MAMAMOO|너나 해 (Egotistic)|498,400,003|
|49.|Wanna One|Beautiful|493,684,957|
|50.|Jung Seung Hwan|눈사람 (The Snowman)|492,370,893|
|51.|Wanna One|에너제틱 (Energetic)|491,686,151|
|52.|BTOB|너 없인 안 된다 (Only One For Me)|490,013,383|
|53.|Paul Kim|비 (Rain)|478,071,705|
|54.|Heize|Jenga (feat. Gaeko)|477,459,243|
|55.|Woo Won Jae|시차 (We Are) (feat. Loco, GRAY) (from SMTM6)|474,443,729|
|56.|Vibe|가을 타나 봐 (Fall in Fall)|467,405,699|
|57.|Ailee|첫눈처럼 너에게 가겠다 (I Will Go to You Like the First Snow) (Goblin OST)|466,736,525|
|58.|Red Velvet|빨간 맛 (Red Flavor)|461,233,475|
|60.|Sunmi|사이렌 (Siren)|459,187,490|
|61.|Red Velvet|Power Up|458,764,054|
|62.|MeloMance|동화 (Tale)|458,103,503|
|64.|BLACKPINK|마지막처럼 (As If It's Your Last)|443,222,998|
|65.|Nilo|넋두리 (sorrow in vain)|438,637,651|
|66.|Wanna One|BOOMERANG (부메랑)|431,262,804|
|67.|Imagine Dragons|Thunder|425,347,320|
|68.|Shawn Mendes|There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back|423,180,071|
|71.|ZICO|SoulMate (feat. IU)|413,095,321|
|72.|HAON X VINXEN|바코드 (Bar Code) (prod. GroovyRoom) (from School Rapper 2)|409,897,853|
|73.|WINNER|REALLY REALLY|397,781,631|
|74.|Bolbbalgan4 (BOL4)|썸 탈꺼야 (Some)|396,015,692|
|75.|Paul Kim|너를 만나 (Me After You)|392,908,091|
|76.|AOA|빙글뱅글 (Bingle Bangle)|392,518,880|
|77.|4Men|눈 떠보니 이별이더라 (Break Up in the Morning)|391,750,793|
|78.|BTS|전하지 못한 진심 (The Truth Untold) (feat. Steve Aoki)|387,646,249|
|79.|Naul|기억의 빈자리 Emptiness in Memory)|386,258,506|
|80.|Roy Kim|우리 그만하자 (The Hardest Part)|385,421,567|
|82.|Punch|헤어지는 중 (Good bye)|381,575,347|
|83.|Red Velvet|피카부 (Peek-A-Boo)|379,672,128
|84.|Park Won|노력 (Try)|373,954,702|
|85.|Yoon Jong Shin X Minseo|좋아 (Yes)|369,161,819|
|86.|JENNIE (BLACKPINK)|SOLO|358,064,167|
|87.|Wanna One|약속해요 (I.P.U.)|357,149,337|
|88.|Kim Dong Ryul|답장 (Reply)|356,951,165|
|89.|MeloMance|짙어져 (Deepen) (Yellow OST)|340,887,358|
|90.|pH-1 X Kid Milli X Loopy|Good Day (feat. Paloalto) (prod. Code Kunst) (from SMTM777)|340,593,368|
|91.|TWICE|YES or YES|338,098,909|
|92.|Yang Da Il|고백 (Sorry)|336,553,500|
|93.|Seungri (BIGBANG)|셋 셀테니 (1, 2, 3!)|334,961,552|
|94.|Webster B X Chin Chilla|북 (Asian Drum) (prod. SLO) (from School Rapper 2)|332,856,286|
|95.|The Chainsmokers|Closer (feat. Halsey)|330,238,875|
|96.|Urban Zakapa|그때의 나, 그때의 우리 (When We Were Two)|329,216,329|
|97.|MeloMance|욕심 (Just Friends)|326,713,913|
|98.|Bolbbalgan4|나의 사춘기에게 (To My Youth)|326,093,298|
|99.|Sunmi|가시나 (Gashina)|323,403,754|
|100.|Chungha|Love U|322,979,228|
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