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The story of the pudu deer, the smallest deer in the world, was recently shared by news outlets such as the LA Times and Forbes. The story is that a pudu fawn was born on December 19, 2018. As the species is in grave danger of extinction, the birth of the fawn was celebrated by the zoo and the news was shared on social media.
Pudu also happens to be one of Haechan's nicknames, given to him by fans who find he resembles the deer with his wide eyes and tongue slightly poking out when he eats. Fans began sharing the news along with mentions of Haechan, which the zoo caught on to.
Seeing such high interest from NCTzens [official fan club name], the LA Zoo opened up a fundraiser campaign and explained that people have the opportunity to name animals born at the zoo if they donate to help conservation efforts. They stated that if fans were able to donate $2,000 in five days, they would name the deer after Haechan.

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