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LOONA is releasing their new album "X X" sometime in February. 
They've shared the track descriptions for their new tracks:
While [+ +] portrayed a basic addition of each other, [X X] is an applied multiplication of each other.
The titled track ‘Butterfly' incorporates smoothness and dynamics delicately with new beats and drops never seen in K-pop before. Melodies mix with electronic music to evolve Hi High into a butterfly.
‘Satellite', a number based on dance-pop music, starts calmly but as music flows and orbits, the number of layers stack to multiply excitement of the listeners.
With LOOΠΔ's unique signature sounds, 'Curiosity' solves the riddles of the mystique, mesmerizing the audiences.
‘Colors' adds vividness to the beats like a prism, by mixing purple, blue, and red.
Been ready since a year ago, 'Where you at' is a pop-ballad song with melody so intense that it took members of LOOΠΔ just one listen of the song for them to memorize.

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