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While promoting "You Made My Dawn", Forbes interviewed Seventeen and asked about their popularity, what their home is, their goals and more!
- Jeff Benjamin: Congratulations on your successful comeback with You Made My Dawn. How do you think the initial response was to the new album?
Vernon: I think we're having one of the best responses yet. Even if we've been really tired out from the schedule and stuff, it's been really fun.
Mingyu: We put a lot of our effort into this album and we were grateful for the positive responses we've been receiving.
Benjamin: I really like the concept around "Home" and its lyrics. I relate to "home" as being a place or being with someone where you can feel comfortable to be yourself and uninhibited. What or who do you see as "home?"
Vernon: "Home" for me is somewhere I can feel comfortable. Especially since I've spent so much time with my members, they make me feel comfortable so I guess in a way our members are my "home."
Joshua: For me, I think "Home" is where your loved ones are. It doesn't matter where you are, just as long as there are people you care about next to you. I think that's what you can call "home." And someone you can trust and lean on. I think for a lot of us, it's about the people.
Benjamin: What is Seventeen's actual home life like?
Joshua: For the group in our dormitories, it's always different. Right now, because our schedule is crazy, as soon we get home we just knock out. We wash, run into our rooms and sleep right away. But when we don't have a hectic schedule, we play video games in the living room, freestyle rap battle when we're bored—even me, yeah [Laughs]—and I have a projector in my room so I connect to it to play video games with the members.
Wonwoo: I'm usually playing computer games at home—I think the same goes for S.Coups.
DK: I recently started enjoying playing games too.
Jeonghan: I think home life is more relaxing for me since I like staying home in my room.
The8: Recently, I've been abroad often so I'm not at home as much, but I miss staying at home with my members as we do have so much fun together.
Benjamin: What are some goals you have for the rest of 2019?
Wonwoo: In 2019, I hope our Carats and all our members can be healthy.
Jun: I hope Seventeen can become a more approachable group.
Seungkwan: I hope we can win the Daesang! It's something I really want to accomplish someday together with our members.
You can read the rest of the interview here

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