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Zenith Media Contents Girlgroup WANNA.B (Sejin, Eunsom, Ami, Lina and Roeun) held a Comeback Showcase for their new song "LEGGO" at Ilchi Art Hall in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul on February 19th (KST)! 
It has been two and a half years since their last track "Why?" was released in June 2016 so the Showcase was a very emotional stage for the members. Member Eunsom shared in tears, "I feel like I'm making my debut again. To be honest, there was a lot of anxiety. But this time we will show you everything and try our best."
The members continued, "We didn't do well before. We only released 4 Digital Singles in almost 5 years, but the company promised to release a mini album if our song "LEGGO" does well this time," they said. "There were a lot of singers coming back in February, but we will try to break through the music scene with our morale and teamwork after having endured such a long hiatus." 
WANNA.B's new song "LEGGO" features a message for young people living with anxiety about the future and worries about the present. The heavy drum and bass line are the main themes and the unique charm of hip-hop mixed with reggae elements is outstanding. It is also the groups first try at the Hip Hop Genre overall. Member Lina explained, "The title is short for Let's go. It means to go there without hesitation. The day we shot the Music Video it was -11 degrees cold and snowing, yet we had to stay awake for over 30 hours in that weather to film it and we are very satisfied with the outcome. Please show it a lot of love!" 
Girls Day's Minah also appeared at the Showcase to support her sister Lina and brought her a bouquet of flowers. The sisters joked that they would like to appear on "I Live Alone" but can't because they are living together, so they'd rather join "My Ugly Duckling" and show their real sister bond to the viewers. 
The Showcase then ended with the girls relaying their determination once again. They said, "This is our comeback and debut. Our dream is to live a long life [in the industry] like Girls' Generation and Shinhwa. We will show you our passion and aspirations, so please show us a lot of love and support.
The Music Video for "LEGGO" will be released on February 20th, so make sure to check it out and you can also watch the full Comeback Showcase below! 

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