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On February 23rd, Café WADIZ in Hapjeong, Seoul garnered a large crowd within the small confines of its one-story building. Though, customers weren't there specifically for the ₩5,000 coffee and well decorated desserts. Patrons of the café were marveling at 11 framed photos of none other than NCT's Lee Taeyong, hung on the brick walls of the establishment for all eyes and camera lenses to see.

Upon ordering a drink of the customer's choice, the cashier presented a small, paper pamphlet with the title “LOUVRE” plastered on the front in large black lettering. The pamphlet itself is a photobook of all the photos showcased on the walls at this café's special event.

This event in question was a photo exhibit hosted by NCT Taeyong's fansite, Tyrant Syndrome, lasting from February 22nd until the 25th. This type of event is not uncommon in Korea, especially among popular fansites. The fansite master will rent out a café or in special cases, a gallery space, to display large, framed pictures of their work and allow fans to come take pictures and enjoy the event.
Tyrant Syndrome's event was held at a café, which is mutually beneficial for both the fansite and the café owner. Although it is unclear if profits are shared between the café owner and the fansite, the café makes a significant amount of profit from events like these where customers will usually have to purchase a drink or food item to receive special merchandise, such as a photobook or other fansite goods. As well as, the fansite itself benefits from the extra attention they receive not only in real life, but from patrons posting about the event on Twitter and Instagram.

If you're visiting Korea, attending a fansite event such as this one should be on your bucket list. It is a great opportunity to add to your Instagram feed as well as experience fan culture in Korea (and possibly make some K-fan friends, if you're feeling confident in your Korean).
To keep updated with when and where events like these are happening in Seoul, be sure to follow your favorite fansites on Twitter, where they will usually post announcements for these types of events. Also, pay close attention to Twitter around the time of your favorite idol's birthday, as fansites will often host special birthday events at various cafes, and sponsor advertisements in subway stations all across Seoul (with are always a great photo-op).
Photo: NCT Ten's birthday ad at Samsung Station in Gangnam, Seoul.
If you're in Seoul you can check out Café WADIZ here (their mocha latte was delicious, I would highly recommend it.)
And check out Tyrant Syndrome's work on twitter here.

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ㅠㅠㅠㅠ you'll get the opportunity soon !
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You're so lucky to be in Korea!
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Thank youuuu ❤ it's very fun here and i hope you and everyone else can have this experience someday ❤
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This blog was a great read! Thank you for sharing your experience in Korea!!
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thank you !! always happy to share ❤
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Korea sounds supercalifragecexpiallidocis
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