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Sunmi is asking fans to vote for their official fanclub name!
The voting period is from March 3rd - March 10th, Sunmi will choose a name from the 3 most voted.
The choices are:
A word from the SUNMI name line (SUN) that means sunshine
>> Definition: The fans mean sunshine to SUNMI
>> Nickname: "Sunny"
A generic name that collectively refers to violin type strings and violets. It means "purple" in Latin
>> Definition: It means that the fans are filled with a part of the stern like a viola that fulfills the empty space between the violin and the cello
>> Nickname: “Ola”
The word "miya" meaning SUNMI and the word "Oh"
>> Definition: SUNMI and SUNMI's fans admiring every moment together
SUNMI's SNS ID Modified word from miyayeah
>> Definition: It refers to fans in SUNMI's fence in the sense of Miya's house, Miya's family
What are you voting for?

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XyliaaModerator   7 months ago
Sunlit 😂
7 months ago
Oh for sure
7 months ago
knighttchi m   7 months ago
7 months ago
Chaengeryang    knighttchi m   7 months ago
miya-Oh is my favorite also
7 months ago
VeryBerryIOI   7 months ago
SUNLIT sounds pretty lit 👋✌
But seriously where is Sunbae's?

7 months ago
Park_Jihyo_16   7 months ago
Sunlit, hah❤❤😁
7 months ago
96k   7 months ago
7 months ago
TOFU   7 months ago
7 months ago

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