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Big Hit Entertainment's new boy group TXT (TOMMOROW x TOGETHER) debuted on March 4 with their very first album "The Dream Chapter : STAR" with title track "Crown".
TXT is now asking for fandom name suggestions from fans. The participation period is from March 6 to March 20. Fans should send their suggestions through email at "[email protected]" with a subject that includes fanclub name, applicant name, and contact information.
Ex. Dream / Choi Soo Bin / 010 - 472 - 0067
You can only have 1 entry, so think carefully before you send. Think creatively and imaginatively. Have fun!
For more information regarding the process, click this link.


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jiminspolaroid   7 months ago
STAR means
Stays Together Always Remember

7 months ago
Vmin._.Tata+Chimmy    jiminspolaroid   7 months ago
I like STAR!!!!💕
7 months ago
lachimolalaugh    jiminspolaroid   7 months ago
Woah this is brainy tho.
7 months ago
Esther Chin    jiminspolaroid   7 months ago
I really think STAR is the best cause it matches they're boy group Name it really is Unique

7 months ago
fancypurpledolphins    jiminspolaroid   7 months ago
We are BTS Wings and they're Stars ⭐ Or we are STARs in the sense that TXT looks to us and makes wishes and we are supposed to grant them. ARMY protected BTS and STARs makes all of TXTs dreams come true! THAT IS SUCH A PERFECT NAME! 
I liked Navy cuz it connected the two groups and the company but didn't really have any meaning for the group itself so I LOVE STAR!

7 months ago
Someone1234    jiminspolaroid   7 months ago
I like this the best😃
7 months ago
Flory Ann Galvez    jiminspolaroid   7 months ago

7 months ago
thatsabdel    jiminspolaroid   7 months ago
I like this one!!!
7 months ago
reemy    jiminspolaroid   7 months ago
I like STAR 👍
7 months ago
Rm'sDimple    jiminspolaroid   7 months ago
Please let it be STAR. This is witty af👏
7 months ago
Jeon Junookie   7 months ago
 "NAVY". yet its a rumoured fandom name given by armys but i kinda like it well its cute tbh~ yeekk i can't wait to see what's the fandom name~
7 months ago
Lita    Jeon Junookie   7 months ago
Nahhh not Navy.👋 Yall should pick something that is specifically for Txt.
Just because Txt and Bts are in the same company doesnt mean they have to be the same. Example? Look at Tvxq, Shinee and Super Junior. Another example? Epik High, Big Bang, Winner, and Ikon.😯😊 
They are all from the same companies ( either SM or YG) but they all have their own name, own fandom and every fandom is different. 😄
So it would be better to pick something thats unique to TxT and makes them as well as the fandom stand out😊
Also what if TxT gets big?? How awkward is going to be when they call out Navy? 😅Lol 
With Bts atleast Army can pass for "BTS Army" lol 😆
Anywho, I'm sure you guys can come up with even more creative names! 😊💕

7 months ago
bia#yougotnojamz    Lita   7 months ago
I agree! As much as I think navy is a cute name, it really is a lot similar to BTS' army. Txt is a total different ball game and I don't get any vibe of a “navy” from them. They are more like soft, smol baby kittens with horns! Lmao. I'm still thinking my self for a different kind of fandom name, but navy is a no-no for me 
7 months ago
Someone1234    Lita   7 months ago
I agree😁
7 months ago
Jiminiepaboo♡    Jeon Junookie   7 months ago
NAVY is perfect♡ So Bangtan's Fandom name is ARMY while TXT's NAVY
7 months ago
THARP22    Jiminiepaboo♡   7 months ago
My ARMY friends and I were talking about it today and we think it sould be NAVY!!!
7 months ago
~♡Llama_Corn♡~    Jeon Junookie   7 months ago
I was thinking crowns but NAVY is even better ❤ NAVY~TXT ARMY~BTS ❤
7 months ago
jenlisa/taekook~    Jeon Junookie   7 months ago
7 months ago
gtfotae    Jeon Junookie   7 months ago
NAVY would be great too. But what does it mean coz ARMY  is Adorable Representative MC for Youth isn't it? 
7 months ago
Yukikora    gtfotae   7 months ago
I played with the letters and made 
Naturally Admirable Voices for/of Youth 
out of them, what do you think? 

7 months ago
Aliya Lord    gtfotae   7 months ago
bts and txt have completely different concepts and are two seperate groups. just because they are also under bighit does not mean they have to have related fandom names
7 months ago
ishi ishi    Jeon Junookie   7 months ago
i think NAVY is perfect
7 months ago
YasAngelz    Jeon Junookie   7 months ago
Yesssss NAVY!

7 months ago
ImYourHope   7 months ago
7 months ago
VendettaForV    ImYourHope   7 months ago
Too close to NCT Dream IMO
7 months ago
SugarTae    VendettaForV   7 months ago
No all fandom name for NCT IS NCTner or something like that, i like dreamers better
7 months ago
alana1745    ImYourHope   7 months ago
That's what I was thinking for one!
7 months ago
Yeonjuns's TrasH   7 months ago

7 months ago
~♡Llama_Corn♡~    Yeonjuns's TrasH   7 months ago
7 months ago
K-pop=Escape    Yeonjuns's TrasH   7 months ago
Crowns sound's perfect!
7 months ago
Krypta    Yeonjuns's TrasH   7 months ago
C-Clown's fandom is already called Crown :( 
7 months ago
Mine is CROWN too😍 and i think it would be so catchy (CROWNS nice too)
7 months ago
VendettaForV   7 months ago
Texters, of course
7 months ago
Lena Luciano   7 months ago
To^2 (TOmorrow X TOgether)

7 months ago
Yanna_13   7 months ago
which means: Together And Forever


7 months ago
Patricia Lacson   7 months ago
a person that believes in your faith and who you can rely your self on, and catch your dream to be star together with the people you value for tomorrow..forever.
   tomorrow x together [followers]

7 months ago
kpopkayla1121   7 months ago
Yes I do agree. Dreamers is a good one in my opinion 
7 months ago
VeryBerryIOI   7 months ago
7 months ago
Park_Jihyo_16   7 months ago

7 months ago
Wonwoo’s Nose Scruch uwu   7 months ago
Fans: Auto-Correct Antis: Typos
7 months ago
eunhyeshooky03   7 months ago
dreamers 😊😊
7 months ago
Lee_Felix_oppa   7 months ago
Shooting Star!!! 
7 months ago
Madison Lovely   7 months ago
7 months ago
Ivana   7 months ago
Aeternum = to eternity /forever.
Tomorrow × Together. Aeternum(forever) I kinda like it hehe😂🤣 

7 months ago
Jimin.__.Chimmy   7 months ago
I think "TIXIS" is cute!!!!!!!

7 months ago
BusanTrain   7 months ago
How about Besties? kinda goes with tomorrow + together and the relationship with their fans
7 months ago
ezekiel_bullet   7 months ago
We have different suggestion,we also known that TXT and BTS are in the same entertainment but different concepts.
When it comes to fandom name,STAR is more accurate. STAR means Stay Together Always Remember,We are equal,we look at the same sky where star is,we stand at the same ground, They are our STAR that giving us an inspiration,giving us a light when it was dark,a star who's always shine,a star who always give us a direction. TXT have 5 members and STAR has 5 points,each point has a meaning,STAR is a five-pointed star encased in a circle. Each point has itsspiritual meaning. The upward point symbolizes the spirit. The remaining points represent the four elements (earth, air, fire and water). STAR is more accurate than NAVY even though BTS and TXT are in the same entertainment,ARMY and NAVY sounds good but like what I've said before,they have different concepts.

7 months ago
Vmin._.Tata+Chimmy   7 months ago
7 months ago

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