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As of now, Seungri will be considered a suspect in the prostitution ring that is happening in clubs. Police has already arrested three to four suspects in connection with a KakaoTalk chat that included messages about finding prostitutes for Seungri's business clients. They will all be brought in for questioning by the police. Police has also searched Club Arena for more evidence.
HOWEVER, it has been reported that Seungri was only brought in as a suspect to get a warrant to allow the police to get more info on the prostitution ring to clear suspicions revolving around him. 


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VendettaForV   8 months ago
The level of delusion on twitter is just unbearable. Had to mute every VIP on my timeline.
The police must believe that the Katalk messages are completely legitimate now if they're actually moving forward with naming Seungri and the other people in the group chat as official suspects. Oppapologists are gonna need to move onto the next stage of grief from the denial and onto the minimization of the events pretty soon when he is cuffed 👌

8 months ago