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Private photos of TWICE's Chaeyoung when she was on vacation was released to the public, even though Chaeyoung had not posted the photos anywhere yet. She found out about the leaked photos and took to TWICE's official Instagram @twicetagram.
Along with uploading the already leaked photos herself, the caption said "The photo that I haven't uploaded was posted somewhere. It scares me. Don't do these kind of things please :)"
Respecting the privacy of idols is something all fans should learn to do. It's definitely not okay to leak private information and photos.



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Chaengeryang   7 months ago
Alright whose getting punched 👊
7 months ago
VendettaForV    Chaengeryang   7 months ago
Bring Dahyun, she can always find the camera for target selection 👏
7 months ago
XyliaaModerator   7 months ago
Chaeyoung must be into street art look at all those spray cans
7 months ago
Ceyne   7 months ago
People are sick 😡
7 months ago
Jimin.__.Chimmy   7 months ago
it's ok everyone neds to get privacy!!!!in special if you are a kpop idol there always cameras around and they never let you alone!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
7 months ago
Ferr Balane   7 months ago
The person who uploaded that photo is getting to my nerve....
7 months ago