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Highlight's Junhyung took to Instagram to apologize to his fellow members and fans who have been suffering due to his recent controversies. After the huge news regarding the prostitution ring was released, Junhyung had been brought up as a member of the Kakaotalk chat, but he denied any participation.
Junhyung revealed that he texted with Jung Joonyoung in late 2015, where they exchanged inappropriate comments about hidden cameras. Even up to when Joonyoung was caught, Junhyung did not think what he was being shared was considered a crime and he did nothing to stop his friend. 
During his investigation after the release of the group chat, Junhyung made sure he revealed everything he knew. He was ashamed at the content of his messages with Joonyoung from 2016, but did not partake in filming or sharing hidden cameras. Additionally, he said that he has been growing apart from Joonyoung, viewing him as more of an acquintance now. 
Junhyung said that he is extremely sorry to his fans for not being able to reciprocate the love given to him, and to his members for not being a trustworthy member. He does not wish to hurt anyone else anymore, therefore, Junhyung will leave Highlight as of March 14 and deeply reflect on his actions.


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