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Will this be the end for Girls Day as we know it? No, says Sojin.
On March 19th (KST), Korean News Outlet Ilgan Sports revealed that Girls Day member Sojin has left her former Entertainment Company Dream T and signed an exclusive contract with Noon Company, famous for housing actors such as Lee Minji, Kim Seulgi, Woo Jihyeon and Ryu Hyeyoung. 
Noon Company confirmed the report with new headshots and a welcoming message on their Official Social Network Sites! 
"We are introducing a new family member of Noon Company.
박소진 (@ssozi_sojin)
B-day 05.21"

Girls Day made its debut in 2010 and all members renewed their contracts in 2017 when their standard contract ran out. Two years later, the period expired again, but instead of renewing all the members agreed on looking for separate companies to support their individual careers. Member Sojin's contract expired first, so she went ahead and signed with Noon Company to support her dream of being an actress. But she also said that this will not be the end of Girls Day. They all may be focusing on their individual paths now, but she leaves the possibility for a reunion open as she thinks that they'll come together again in the future under the name "Girls Day"!

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Krypta   7 months ago
It's like YG with 2NE1 again... promising a comeback before disbandment but in the end, it doesn't happen 😞
7 months ago