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On March 20th (KST), BTS member Jin revealed on his V-Live that one of his pets, which was like a family member to him, called Odengie has passed away. The idol was barely able to relay the sad news without getting tears in his eyes and stopped the stream soon after. 
Only minutes after his fans started trending the hashtag #/WeLoveYouJin to give him strength in this hard time and to relay their thoughts of consolation. 


May Odengie rest in peace in the eternal animal heaven 🙏

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Jungkookie1045   1 year ago
Poor jin, I also know how it feels to lose a pet. Odeng is in a good place now and will be in sugar glider heaven. #WeLoveYouJin
1 year ago
Krypta   1 year ago
1 year ago
DRIAlangreder   1 year ago
 jin i love you it ok to feel sad and show your emotions he in a better place he will meet you again someday you were the best dad that you could be remember he loves you even if he not there with you i hope you feel better soo also my birthday is march 30th love you jin  ❤❤❤❤❤ love you my dog has a heart condition im afriad that we are going to loose him jin you  were a cool dad 
1 year ago
jjiinn   1 year ago
💜we are always here for you jin 💜
💜we love you jin !!💜

1 year ago
Jimin.__.Chimmy   1 year ago
is so sad!!!i hope jin get a new pet!!!
1 year ago
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