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Jung Joonyoung has been arrested.
The police arrested Jung Joonyoung on March 21st for the charges of filming videos and taking photos on hidden cameras and for distributing it.
At the Seoul Central District Court this morning he read a statement to the press admitting all charges and apologized to the victims, promising to cooperate with the investigations.
Jung Joonyoung was in a Kakao Talk group chat with 7 other men where he and others shared videos taken in secret without consent from the victims (who didn't even know they were being filmed and might not know even now they are in those videos). 

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VendettaForV   7 months ago
Keep 'em coming 👏👏 
7 months ago
Krypta   7 months ago
Let him rot in jail! He better not recieve any special treatment behind bars. 
7 months ago
Jimin.__.Chimmy   7 months ago
wow....I never thought that some kpop idol would reach this extreme, I can not believe it ...😓😓😓😓😓
7 months ago
Jimin.__.Chimmy   7 months ago
I am very disappointed now!!!!😷😷😷
7 months ago

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