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During a V Live broadcast, BTOB decided to once again spin a wheel to decide who their newest maknae and leader will be. They did the same thing back in August, when Eunkwang enlisted. Sungjae was chosen to be the maknae (nothing changed, since he was already the youngest in BTOB) and Minhyuk was chosen to be leader.
Now, Minhyuk has also enlisted. The rest of BTOB decided that if Sungjae is chosen to become maknae again, he will automatically become the leader. Thus, they spun the wheel and Peniel was chosen as leader. However, the wheel landed on Sungjae again for maknae, which means he is now the leader of BTOB. 
Sungjae cheered and promised to lead BTOB well until Eunkwang returns from the military. He will also be treating the members to dinner the next day, his first action as leader.
Who knows if Sungjae being the leader of BTOB will cause peace or chaos in the group...? We shall have to see. Either way, congratulations!


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Krypta   1 year ago
Pray for BTOB. Pray for Melodies. Kidding aside, Sungjae will surely do good. He might be a little kid on the outside but the boy's got heart ❤
1 year ago
Kpop Naked