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Chungha has launched her official fan club 별하랑 (BYULHARANG) 1st Generation on V Live V Fanship. She has also announced the release of her official lightstick.
Her fan club name means byul (star) - ha (last part of her name) - rang (part of sarang = love).
-- Application period: 2019.03.29 - 2019.04.30
-- Membership period: 2019.03.29 - 2020.04.31 (extendable)
1. Official Fan Club Membership Fee (WELCOME KIT & Official LIGHTSTICK included / Delivery fee can be paid later)
-- 3,000 coins ($59.99)
2. Official Fan Club Membership Fee (WELCOME KIT included / Delivery fee can be paid later)
-- 1,400 coins ($27.99)
3. Official Fan Club Membership Fee (WELCOME KIT excluded)
-- 1,200 coins ($23.99)
For more information on how to join Chungha's official fan club and additional benefits, click this link!


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mochichuu   5 months ago
How do I apply? 

5 months ago
CindyModerator    mochichuu   5 months ago
Click on the link I provided in the article above, then follow the instructions that they give. The prices of the different fan club packages are also in the article above.
5 months ago