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  1. BTS' Jin
    Jin was approached by an SM casting manager. According to rumors, Jin thought it was a scam so he did not audtion but there is also another rumor that said Jin audtioned but left early on. One thing's for sure, Jin's charms did caught the attention of an SM casting manager.

    2. ITZY's Lia
    Lia began to train under SM Entertainment when she was fourteen. She went on to train for two years but left upon her parents' wishes.

    3. Former Wanna One member Jihoon
    Jihoon once trained under SM Entertainment and Fantagio Entertainment. 

    4. Pentagon's Jinho
    Jinho was a former trainee under SM Entertainment and even debuted as part of the quartet SM the Ballad along with Super Junior's Kyuhyun, Trax' Jay Kim, and the late Jonghyun. Jinho was supposed to debut as an EXO member but plans fell through.

    5. Stray Kids' Woojin
    Woojin passed SM's vocal auditions and trained alongside NCT members.


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Jungkookie1045   1 year ago
What would happen if Jin wasn't in BTS and he was in some other band? IDK!
1 year ago
Stray_kids1    Jungkookie1045   1 year ago
My life would be over!😫
1 year ago