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On April 23, Stray Kids member Hyunjin held an hour long V Live broadcast to chat with fans and share song recommendations.
During the broadcast, Hyunjin talked about his experience as an MC on “Music Core.” He shared, “I was so nervous during the recent [episode] of ‘Music Core.' This past week, I was especially nervous because it was just two of us hosting, and BTS was also right next to me [for the interview].”
He continued, “Before rehearsal, I was standing with my shoelaces untied. Suga sunbaenim then told me, ‘Your shoelaces are untied,' and my mind went completely blank in that moment. I immediately said, ‘Uh…uh…okay!' and tied them right away and said, ‘Thank you!'”
Hyunjin added, “I was so nervous, but they were so nice to me. Thank you. I was monitoring the video of me that day, and my face looked so [stiff]. [‘Music Core'] didn't originally have interviews, and it was really nerve-racking standing next to sunbaenims like that.”

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Leila Ismayilov   1 year ago
that so cute omg!!!
1 year ago
Isabella Lofgreen   6 months ago
that is so sweet of hyunjin

6 months ago
Fernanda Diaz Reyes   2 months ago
these kids are going to be really good friends 😄
2 months ago
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