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Won Joo
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A JTBC representative has announced the cancellation of CL's talk show "CL Nine" on May 28.
Earlier today it was reported that Paris Hilton's appearance had been canceled and later JTBC confirmed the cancellation of the show, announcing that the team is preparing a different show.

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yooniverse   4 months ago
I literally just saw this it's honestly pissing me off. I'm beginning to think its partially because the new findings in YG's scandal. I hope CL switches agencies. Maybe join P Nation.
4 months ago
Krypta    yooniverse   4 months ago
This is so sad, not just for CL but for the other YG artists as well. The burning sun scandal took such a big toll on yg that they're using all the artists they left in the dungeon, but in the end those artists are recieving flak from koreans thanks to YG. Universities are starting to boycott YG groups and the witchhunt just began with Hoony. 
4 months ago