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Iron Man fans are mad for this reason.
On Twitter, Armys are congratulating Seokjin for 50 million views on his lastes song on Youtube. Some fans decided to use a hashtag and because of the fanbase being so big, this started to trend.
However, when Marvel, mostly Iron Man fans, saw this, they were raging. The hashtag was "WeLoveYou3,000" and many of them were furious. As to pay respect to Tony Stark, MCU fans haved use "I Love You 3,000" for him whenever he's mentioned. The phrase "I Love You 3,000" was first said in the movie "Avengers: End Game" and during the movie, Tony Stark has said the phrase along with his daughter.
SPOILER ALERT: In the movie, Iron Man has sacrificed his life to defeat Thanos. At the end, his helmet contained a message to his friends and family. At the end of the message, he said to his daughter "I Love You 3,000" once last time, making the whole fandom in tears.
SPOILER ENDED: Marvel fans were reallly touched and because of the reason, they use the phrase very respectfully and when needed. But with BTS' Armys saying it, many people are raging. Both fandoms started attacking each other saying "Armys don't get it, they shouldn't be using it for their idols." and "MCU fans are so immature." Some fans belong to both fandoms and are mad at both of them. Some even leaving the Army Community.
Some even stated, which I actually kinda agree on, that this could be different for Armys if it's the other way around. For example, if the MCU fans started using "I Purple You" to their heroes, Armys would do the same and start attacking the MCU fans since it's for BTS, mostly Taehyung.
What do you guys think about the problem?

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