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Lai Kuan Lin, Jackson, Kyulkyung, Victoria, Lay and more criticized for supporting Hong Kong police.
Victoria, Lay, Kyulkyung, Lai Kuan Lin, Jackson, Cheng Xiao, The8, Jun, and Yuqi have been criticized for supporting the Hong Kong police amidst demonstrations in Hong Kong demanding more democracy and an inquiry into alleged police brutality during past demonstrations. 
The idols posted on their personal SNS photos announcing their support for "One China" and the Hong Kong police.
Some Korean netizens criticized them, saying that Hong Kong was protesting for more democracy and a few of the idols had been born in Taiwan or Hong Kong and so were betraying their own country; while others defended their actions saying that they had only uploaded it out of peer pressure from the Chinese Government and other Chinese celebrities.

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vivian Zou   10 months ago
There's nothing wrong with that. Public figures are supposed to take a stand,and hongkong like "
Your mother gave birth to you and even though she was separated from you for a while and did not provide for you,but she will always be your mother !" 

10 months ago
Original DavidModerator   10 months ago
Whatever you think of these protests, the amount of pressure that China is putting on these young idols is very concerning.
10 months ago
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