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K-Pop fans have been constantly demanding JYP Entertainment to cancel GOT7's upcoming concerts in Hong Kong as part of their 2019 World Tour "Keep Spinning", due to the fans fearing for the safety of the group, especially for Jackson Wang.
Numerous Chinese idols have been seen supporting the "One China" policy on their personal Weibo accounts, which states that there is only one sovereign state under the name China. Specifically, Jackson Wang posted a photo of the five-starred red flag, claiming his position as one of the guardians of the Chinese flag.

He is basically supporting the CCTV campaign "The Five-Starred Flag has 1.4 billion guardians".
His decision to join the "One China" side has made Hong Kong citizens feel that Jackson betrayed his roots, turning to the riches and fame by supporting mainland China instead. People are also saying that the Chinese government is forcing these idols and celebrities to voice their support towards "One China" or else.
In the midst of all this, protesters in Hong Kong has been demonstrating their desire for democratic freedom. They are going against the one sovereign state policy by throwing the Chinese flag into the sea. It was revealed that protesters are threatening to burn or tear the Chinese flag in front of Jackson, as well as throw a bloody flag at him. 
Fans are extremely worried about Jackson and GOT7's overall safety if they try to hold their concerts in Hong Kong on August 31 and September 1. Therefore, fans are trending the hashtag #JYPE_CancelGOT7HKConcerts to get the attention of the company and secure their group's safety. 
Hopefully, JYP Entertainment will make an announcement about GOT7's concerts in Hong Kong soon. Wishing everyone to be safe!
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