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On August 18, BTS' Jimin attended Alec Benjamin's concert at the MUV Hall in Seoul. He posted a photo of himself posing with Alec Benjamin on Twitter, with the captions "Your voice is heavenly. Thanks for coming. @AlecBenjamin #JIMIN".
Alec Benjamin followed up the Twitter post with another of his one. His captions reads, "SEOUL WAS AMAZING ! thanks so much for coming to my show, Jimin . :) . @BTS_twt .".
He quote retweeted Jimin's post of him at the concert, giving him a heart and telling him "you're the best". 
Fans who attended the concert said that Alec Benjamin sang a short cover of BTS' hit song "Fake Love" , which can also be heard in the post made by him on Instagram below.

Their interactions all started back in July, when the BTS members updated their Spotify playlists. Jimin had a total of 12 new songs, 5 of which were Alec Benjamins. The singer tweeted at BTS and said, "this is so cool :) I love you & @BTS_twt !".
A month later, Alec Benjamin reached out to the group on Twitter and personally invited Jimin to attend his concert in Seoul. Jimin clearly couldn't refuse his offer and attended to hear Alec' voice live.
Thus, here we are with this very wholesome interaction between mutual fans! Glad to see Jimin enjoying his relaxing time!


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N.Tic army #1   7 months ago
jimin is so kind to even go most star dont risk being in public
7 months ago