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Red Velvet's stylist was recently accused of plagiarising a designer's clothing style in their "Umpah Umpah" music video and teasers.
The original designer, Paris Starn, has spoken up about this accusation on her Instagram post.
"Greatly appreciate so many of you bringing to my attention k-pop group @redvelvet.smtown wearing garments that take heavy “inspiration” from my work. No one on the team @smtown ever reached out to collaborate on designs, which I would have loved to participate in. The company also took from our imagery which we created with artist @ondine.vinao. It deeply hurts to see large groups, that could have helped out a small designer, instead take from our hard work and brand it as their own. Check out our story for me examples"
https://www.instagram.com/p/B1Wn4aLAVmY/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_linkIn the post, Starn also accuses SM for copying the imagery or concept of their pictures. Meanwhile, some fans disagree because Red Velvet's teaser photos do not show any bales of hay or other things.
As of now, SM Entertainment has yet to respond to the alleged plagiarism.
Check out some of the outfit examples below!

Red Velvet just made their comeback with mini album "The ReVe Festival: Day 2" and title track "Umpah Umpah" on August 20.
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Ceyne   7 months ago
The outfits look pretty similar but is it possible to actually own a copyright for a checkered pattern? It sucks to have your designs taken from you of course but i feel like i've seen thousands of picnic blankets with the same design 😂
Good artists copyGreat artists steal

7 months ago
Vincentp160    Ceyne   7 months ago
Yeah. Rather than the checkered patterns, I think it's more about the curvy cut out parts of the outfits instead 😂. Why couldn't they just have made a deal with the designer, since they're so rich anyways?
7 months ago
Ceyne    Vincentp160   7 months ago
SM being cheap
7 months ago