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Alex will open and begin his own cinematic superhero universe within K-Pop , with his own self label “Myths and Legends Entertainment”. Based on many resources there from the cosmos. 
“Here comes the heroes - DAVID” . It's not clear if David from Dkdktv knew about this , but very ironic. 
A dark force lingers in the sci-fi and mythical world of K-Pop, as chosen guardians are anointed the powers of nature to save the earth and the future of Kpop from  a  dark smoked being from the cosmos. This villain is also rumored to be a Marvel Villain. 

With the success of A L E X 칸첸알렉스 , there will be a full team of heroic guardians. They will each have solos then meet up and each music video is presented as a film. 
After Alex is Baekho
Meet DAVID or alternative name the power of DAVID. Alex Kinchen a rookie K-pop singer who haven't debut since his predebut in 2009-10. Will debut with his first mini album ; “BROKEN PROMISES” also known as “Fire and Heart”  As we learned Alex's fandom is called Roosters and Cranes and David's is Stars. 

Hopefully Alex dose the disappoint. 

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What in the world
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Yes, it's in discussion he's awesome of it goes through.
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