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Shannon Williams has expressed her anger over the mistreatment of both her and B.I.G's Benji by his company GH Entertainment on her Instagram story.
Read the full posts by Shannon below:



Essentially, what happened was that GH Entertainment wasn't allowing any collaboration between Shannon and Benji, but when she was already featured on his album, they expected her to work for "free" or for the "lowest price possible". Additionally, the company kept on acting all high and mighty, not respecting Benji for who he is as an artist and not even supporting or promoting his solo activities.
Lastly, Shannon wants y'all to support her best friend Benji by watching his music video for 1st solo digital single "Telephone" released on August 28.
What do you guys think about this outrageous situation and what it says about the entertainment industry? Comment down below!


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nit12   10 months ago
It is sad to know that in this industry such things still happen. I thought that maybe BTS history would show other companys that you can achieve a lot of things, if you do not lose hope and faith in your own artist and try to support them the best you can. Keep fighting Benji and thank you for your hard work to make such an fantastic song. Also I have to say how much courage Shannon needed to post this online and that she deserves a lot more love for standing up for her freinds and herself, what still a lot of artist don't do because they fear to get critized for that.
Keep Fighting, you both.
Send you lots of love from Germany

10 months ago
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