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Baek Yerin leaves JYP Entertainment 
On September 13th, Baek Yerin announced on her personal Instagram that she has left JYP Entertainment and is going to create an independent label.
"Hello, it's Yerin!
The weather suddenly became really cold, are you okay?
Unfortunately, starting from the 14th I'm ending my contract with JYP.
I've been with JYP 12 years since elementary school. Until now, I've received lots of great opportunities, and I learned a lot. Sometimes like my parents, sometimes like my teacher and guardian, I worked hard together with JYP, I feel like now Park Jinyoung and I are best friends. Thank you to everyone in JYP.
Also, with the help of the people around me, I plan to start an independent label! Since I spent a lot of time [with JYP], I'm sad and sorry. Even though it's scary doing this alone, I want to give you only good things [in return].
In the future, I'll become a Yerin that shows more good sides. Thank you for always giving me support and love."

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