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On September 24td, ATEEZ released another group image with the caption holding the title of their album.
The picture is of all eight members in regal attire sitting and standing to face the camera. 
The title of the album is TREASURE EP.FIN : All to Action. 
It is set to release on October 8th at 6PM KST.
The group announced earlier in the month that they will be releasing their first full album somewhere in October.

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Jungkookie1045   1 month ago
AHHH! HongJoongs hair!!! THEIR ALL SO CUTE!
1 month ago
yooniverse    Jungkookie1045   1 month ago
1 month ago
Jungkookie1045    yooniverse   1 month ago
OMG! I cant even breath of how amazing they look!
1 month ago
Vmin._.Tata+Chimmy    yooniverse   1 month ago
Ikr, Meeeee tooooo they be looking fine!!!!!!❤😘
1 month ago
VendettaForV   1 month ago
These guys don't look like rookies at all 😍
1 month ago
yooniverse    VendettaForV   1 month ago
They were never rookies to be honest! They know what they're doing!
1 month ago
matikiri   1 month ago
yeah... comeback 
1 month ago
Kpop lover-Ateez-Bts   1 month ago

1 month ago

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