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Myths and Legends Entertainment a newly soon to be launched self owned entertainment label owned by K-Pop rookie Alex Kinchen partnered and also signed under Stone Music Entertainment, will not only hold singers and actors but it's own movies directed and produced through Alex, and other teamed professionals. Myths and Legends will launch ”the powerful 데이비드/ D A V I D “, after Alex's solo debut. Alex and Stone Music Entertainment, postponed his debut after being boycotted by anti-Kpop fans , South Korea boycotting Japanese goods, and angered African Americans who disliked Alex , for labeling himself Hapa instead of Blasian. Disputed from the Crane and Rooster fandom for Alex being 65-35 , stating he's only 35 % African.

After careful investigation, Alex is said to be still gearing up for an official release. 
In recent news his debut is not only a collection of Music Videos , but is also a supernatural film, about a young mutant pyrokinesis who learns he is the personification of love. The villain is rumored to be “Nightmare” from Marvels Doctor Strange. 

LEE; is up for an audition +
rumored SM Yuri Park
As rookie Lee (BAKEHO) is runner up for a solo after A L E X | 칸첸알렉스, we can expect DAVID , soon after weather late 2019 or 2020. Through all obstacles we hope Alex a successful debut.

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Original DavidModerator   1 month ago
All the users in this thread have the same damn IP address... At least have the respect for the admins to use a VPN with your different accounts
Shaking my head over here...
This is an official warning: you can promote yourself if you'd like but do not make new accounts on kpopping.com and upvote yourself.

1 month ago
Lana Fu    Original DavidModerator   1 month ago
Your probably witnessing the harassers, were not from the same location , it's what usually they do. 
1 month ago
shyshyshy    Lana Fu   1 month ago
Is this site going to be gay and be anti David too, Kpop is loosing its class, why hate this guy really.. let the haters hate and just talk in the Crane and comic community it's nuch larger anyway plus it's a film and a collection of music videos
1 month ago
Lana Fu   1 month ago
Lee is cute and I really like Alex's interesting face , even though he's teasing it. Super Polynesian an or native also holding Easrern Asian features. He a great representation of the south. Lee is a breakdancer under ground South Korea and a supporting actor, he's literally a Kim Woobin and a Hyeong seop.. lol they both look similar ALEX and LEE.
if Yuri is in it let it be for long term , I noticed there all fit too. 

1 month ago
shyshyshy    Lana Fu   1 month ago
He's my favorite now unfortunately , it's Yuri Park. I'm just so glad he's now getting uplifted from being band or boycotted ☺☺, Alex fighting !!!!
1 month ago
sato Hiroshi   1 month ago
It's Chaos Wars , after Endgames . Are any Kpop artist good choices ?? lol probably not, but if Alex is a producer , director , singer and  has the talent ...then I'm gamed. 
Look up Akiratoritaro on instagram , hes leaked the entire plot. 

1 month ago
Judi Lee    sato Hiroshi   1 month ago
Hopefully not a Michael bay mess , but he's meet Kevin Feige or is friends with him.  Please be good a shit for Kpop !!!!!! 
1 month ago
sato Hiroshi    Judi Lee   1 month ago
Eww Feige...it's Ultron
1 month ago
continue this thread  
Ty Nguyen   1 month ago
It's nice to know , just wait, he's release a VLIVE soon , God I hate that it's boycotted, he's real I mean it's been years , even if he haven't Debut he's not fucking incarcerated or have a lawsuit against him for using Stone Music !!!! Damn I have bias sites
1 month ago
真代 平井真理恵    Ty Nguyen   1 month ago
If it's a problem from but hurt as Blacks , then by all means go to a korean sure with no loser koreaboos! 👍
1 month ago
真代 平井真理恵   1 month ago
Fuck just remove it an join a korean site with no jealous but hurt Koreaboos thinking they can police Kpop. He's real or he would have been sued by now
1 month ago

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