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FILA Korea selected BTS as their FILA global brand model, revealing the group signed an exclusive endorsement contract.
As this time the signed contract's scope is global, FILA together with BTS' image from now on will not only be domestic but the whole world including the Americas, Europe, Asia, etc
With BTS, FILA plans to expand and develop "One World One FILA" communication, and use it as an opportunity to enhance its image that will further solidify its brand status.
As a global model for FILA, BTS in the beginning of next year will reveal its first brand advertisement image, showing with FILA a new image beyond Korea. Adding to the unique appeal of BTS members and unique sensibilities of the Wheela brand, Wheela will continue to communicate in diverse ways that are different from consumers and the past.

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~♡Llama_Corn♡~   4 months ago
im so happy for them!~
4 months ago
VendettaForV   4 months ago
BTS still got that return-on-investment that advertisers love 👏
4 months ago