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Police have carried out search and seizures of "Produce X 101" and "Produce48" agencies on suspicion of vote manipulation.
According to a report by SpoTV News on the 2nd, police not only conducted a search and seizure on the 1st of agencies that participated in Mnet's "Produce X 101," but also raided on the 2nd some agencies that participated in "Produce48."
Police raided the offices of some of the agencies that participated in "Produce X 101" including Starship Entertainment, Woollim Entertainment, and MBK Entertainment. 
Police have expanded the scope of the investigation to include previous seasons of "Produce 101" and Mnet's other auditon program "Idol School." In fact, "Produce48" is said to have the same situation as "Produce X 101" where the production crew tampered with the final's votes. As a result, police are known to have quietly completed their search and seizure of some of their agencies to clear suspicions related to "Produce 48."

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VendettaForV   5 months ago
TBH I think some evil people want to sabotage these Mnet groups for shaking the industry too much.
These aren't nobody groups every single Kpop group from the Produce series has had a crazy boom and has taken business away from bigger companies and more established groups.
Not surprising at all these companies have come together and tryed to get more of a quid pro quo situation 

    5 months ago