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Dreamcatcher fans (Insomnias) ask The Show for an explanation trending #JusticeForDreamcatcher
On the episode airing on September 24, CLC, Everglow, and Dreamcatcher were nominated for #1. The Show's chart system is based on the following criteria: 40% digital, 20% music video, 15% expert preference, 10% album, 10% real-time voting, and 5% pre-vote and it is calculated as a total score of 10,000 points.
The final votes revealed on The Show were: CLC: 4621, Everglow: 7861, Dreamcatcher: 7850
Fans started to calculate the voting and realized that there was a miscalculation, and later on, the news was picked up by Top Star News, that calculated it again: 
Top Star News excluded music scores from the voting as the information was not available.
For pre-voting, Dreamcatcher recorded 54.31%, while Everglow received 23.36% and CLC 18.55%. Dreamcatcher obtained 500 points and Everglow, 213.
Based on the data from kpop rader, (from September 15-21), Dreamcatcher's "Deja Vu" M/V had 2,263,630 views, while Everglow's "Adios" M/V had 3,076,173 views.
Calculating the score, Dreamcatcher receives 1,472 points and Everglow receives 2,000 points.
The expert preference is 1,500 points in total, if Dreamcatcher scores 0 and Everglow gets the perfect score, the final score of Pre-vote + YouTube + expert preference will give Dreamcatcher 1,972 points and Everglow 3,773 points. However, The Show gave Dreamcatcher 122 points less. Adding on the music score (Dreamcatcher 5000, Everglow, 3980 and the real-time vote, Dreamcatcher 1000, Everglow 161, Dreamcatcher would have won the trophy for that win)
Many don't know if this is a miscalculation on The Show's part or if it was deliberate but they've asked the program to give feedback to the fans and The Show has decided to ignore this. The fans are using the hashtag #JusticeForDreamcatcher 
The Korean fans are using The Show's own board, commenting things like asking them to reveal the calculation, asking them to give feedback, saying that the expert preference is unfair, and more.
This week The Show didn't announce any winner, and many fans commented that it was on purpose to not give a win to the group.


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