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Dreamcatcher shared meaningful memories with fans of the Korean Wave in Belgium.
Dreamcatcher participated in the "2019 K-COMMUNITY FESTIVAL" in Brussels, Belgium, on October 4 and 5, and spent two days in close proximity with local K-pop fans.
Dreamcatcher first communicated with local fans while conducting "K-pop & Hangeul Classroom" directly at the "2019 K-COMMUNITY FESTIVAL" on the first day. Local fans were very excited at a special time with Dreamcatcher.
Dreamcatcher took the main stage of the "2019 K-COMMUNITY FESTIVAL" concert the following day, which was the highlight of the event. They performed "Chase Me", "YOU AND I", "PIRI", and "Deja Vu".
That was not the only one. Dreamcatcher's Siyeon released as a special clip on YouTube, offering live "Aladdin" OST "Speechless," a movie that captivated fans around the world.
In addition, member Yoohyeon was the MC of the concert and showed off her flexible hosting skills and colorful charm.
While returning to Korea for "Deja Vu" promotions, the group will host its second European tour, "DREAMCATCHER CONCERT: Invitation from Nightmare City in Europe," in late October.
In particular, the new European tour is drawing attention as it is Dreamcatcher's fifth overseas tour, which was made at an explosive request from overseas fans, and once again an unprecedented schedule to tour seven European countries.

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