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The five-member Brand New Music rookie group made their first comeback on October 7th with their album “6IXSENSE,” featuring the title track “Blind for Love.” The album contains 11 tracks in all, with the members taking part in the composition and lyrics writing.
AB6IX said at a showcase on their comeback day, “It's a honor to be greeting you with a full album five months after our debut album. We worked hard while preparing for it during our debut promotions.” Jeon Woong said the group aimed to perfect their musical style with this first full album and that they intend to show their own unique image.
In addition to main producer Lee Dae Hwi, others members also took part in creating the group's new album, with Kim Dong Hyun co-composing three songs, Lim Young Min co-composing a track, Lim Young Min and Park Woo Jin writing lyrics for almost all the songs, and more.
Kim Dong Hyun said, “I'm really grateful to be able to have three of my songs on our first full album.” Lim Young Min talked about how his self-produced song “Shadow” is one that he'd started before they began working on their first full album, and it is an honor to have it on the album. “It came about through the feeling that it's an extension of the song that I wrote before with Dae Hwi,” he explained.
They also talked about taking on the challenge of producing, following Lee Dae Hwi. Lim Young Min said, “It made me realize again how amazing Dae Hwi is. While doing it, I think I became confused too and so the members must have had a hard time. Next time I want to work a bit harder so that I appear better to the members.”
Kim Dong Hyun encouraged him by responding, “Young Min was really great at producing.” He shared, “Dae Hwi and Woong did so well, and Young Min and Woo Jin had to write so many rap lyrics that I was concerned about it, but they did the rap making for all the songs in a way that matched the songs' concepts, so I was really grateful while directing.”
AB6IX recently collaborated with Lizzo by featuring on a version of her hit “Truth Hurts.”
Lim Young Min said, “It was really meaningful to be able to create a cool collaboration with Lizzo.” When asked who else they want to collaborate with, he said, “I want to collaborate with many different artists but since I personally like rap, I want to collaborate with a rapper. I'm a fan of Drake so it would be great to be able to do something with him.”
Lee Dae Hwi said he's really been really into music by Anne-Marie, and Jeon Woong said, “Overseas artists are great too but among Korean artists, I want to collaborate with Paul Kim. It would be good to do a warm song that fits autumn and winter.”
The group was asked if they have a first place promise they want to make for if they win on a music show. Lee Dae Hwi said, “To be honest, we were so focused on preparing for our comeback that we didn't even actually talk about coming in first on a music show.”
When asked if they could think of something they'd like to do, Kim Dong Hyun said, “There's a part of our choreography in the music video where we wear blindfolds. Since our fans wouldn't like it if we wore blindfolds for the whole song, I think it would be good if we did a cool performance where we wore them for the first verse and then removed them in the second verse.”
Finally, Lee Dae Hwi said, “I want us to be seen as a group that has taken on a lot of challenges despite only debuting recently, and a group that makes people excited to see what we do next.”

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