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Goo Hara left a heart-breaking and moving farewell for her close friend Sulli.
Hara took to her Instagram to convey her emotions after Sulli's passing. She said on her Instagram Live:
"Sulli, I'm sorry that I can't go because I'm in Japan. I'm sorry I have to greet you this way. Go there and live well up there and do what you want to do. I will do my best and work hard. I'm okay, everyone. Sulli and I were very close, we were like real sisters. I wanted to say something to Sulli, so that's why I turned on this live broadcast. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Everyone, don't worry. Sulli, goodbye."
Watch the Instagram Live below:

Sulli was found dead in her home on October 14th. She reportedly asked SM Entertainment to take legal action against malicious commenters.
If you or anyone you know is in need of assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out for help by contacting your local hotlines.

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VendettaForV   1 month ago
Things look very troubling for Koo Hara... She's tried before and now has another horrible thing to deal with. Not to get aboard with the suicide is selfish idea but there's consequences to your actions and I hope this doesn't spread further in the kpop industry... The last thing we need is more dead idols.
1 month ago
chanhoes    VendettaForV   1 month ago
If we think about it, this feels like a virus, only it gets to those who are in dire need of help. 
1 month ago
DungeonKeeper   1 month ago
Am I the only one who cried while watching this?
1 month ago
IstanLegends    DungeonKeeper   1 month ago
You're not the only one
1 month ago
Krypta   1 month ago
This was too heartbreaking to watch. Even if it's completely not her fault, Hara will blame herself in one way or another 😭
1 month ago

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