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VendettaForV   8 months ago
Those English classes paying off
8 months ago
Krypta    VendettaForV   8 months ago
Lol for real. I'm not even a monbebe but this is definitely one of the best and English songs from a kpop group.
8 months ago
yooniverse    VendettaForV   8 months ago
Honestly like them singing in English is a completely otherworldly thing
8 months ago
huckleberry   8 months ago
Monsta X side tracks are always the best
8 months ago
yooniverse    huckleberry   8 months ago
That applies to any kpop artist. The b-side tracks are ALWAYS better than the title track 🙂
8 months ago
Smilesweetie   8 months ago
Why does every comment section for monsta X look like this... it looks like Eshy Gazit is doing this himself sometimes 😞😞😞

8 months ago
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