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The court has sided with IT Company Donuts, in a case involving an unreturned lease deposit given by Donuts. The Seoul Central District Court ruled on October 8 that Polaris Entertainment and its CEO Lee Jong Myung must pay Donuts 360 million won (approximately $304,700) for the lease deposit, as well as additional compensation for losses incurred due to delays.
Polaris collaborated with DONUTS in 2017 in order to help grow and foster the LOONA project. Polaris received a loan of 400 million won from DONUTS. Although Polaris was able to cover 40 million won, they were recently accused of not repaying 360 million.
Donuts Stated
We invested 3.5 billion won (approximately $2.96 million) with the promise that LOONA would appear on the ‘My Live' broadcast, which is run by our company. Not only did the agency fail to return the deposit, but they also did not faithfully keep their promise about LOONA's appearance. Only one member of LOONA appeared on ‘My Live' and the promise for the other members to appear on our show was not kept. That is why we have filed a lawsuit for the return of our investment, and we are preparing to file for separate criminal charges as well.”
Polaris Entertainment has also given a statement, stating that they cannot comment on the issue of the failure to upheld the MyLive agreement, as this is still in the Courts. Also;
Regarding the contract of the leasing deposit and its related lawsuit, even our agency has not received the deposit back yet and we plan on returning it to the company once we have received it ourselves.

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VendettaForV   8 months ago
Yeaaah, there's no way LOONA is ever paying that back sorry guys you can't force kpop
8 months ago
Smilesweetie    VendettaForV   8 months ago
LOONA has done well organically too, it's just POLARIS spending too much on production... The team just needs to cut back on spending and keep pushing.
8 months ago
IstanLegends    Smilesweetie   8 months ago
This!!!!! And Loona takes too long time to come back when they should keep on promoting for stability. 
8 months ago
Jungkookie1045   8 months ago
Yeah, nice try. But Loona isn't going to pay 3.5 billion won. No freaking way!
8 months ago
Smilesweetie   8 months ago

stan  save loona folks
:fancam would be here:

    8 months ago
    huckleberry    Smilesweetie   8 months ago
    I love me some fancams but some fans are so annoying when they put it as reply on a non-kpop related tweet. 
    8 months ago
    Kpop Naked