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SM Entertainment posts beautiful tribute message to Sulli 
On the morning of October 17, Sulli's funeral procession was held at Sinchon Severance Hospital with her family, friends, and colleagues. A few hours later, SM posted a message on their SNS accounts to remember Sulli. The post reads:
"We remember the day we met Sulli.
The lovely girl with a blinding smile grew up into an artist loved by many people, and now Sulli has become a star that always shines in the hearts of those who love her.
We will not forget the beauty and warm heart she has shown us and will cherish them forever.
- On behalf of everyone in SMTOWN - "

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VendettaForV   27 days ago
Great photo of her at least 
27 days ago
huckleberry    VendettaForV   26 days ago
Sulli looks great at everything, especially when she smiles. Her funeral photo left me in awe. 
26 days ago
Smilesweetie   27 days ago
Korea needs enforce the Sulli law and make her death count for something...

    27 days ago
    Krypta   26 days ago
    SM Entertainment never let go of Sulli even after she left f(x) and she wouldn't renew as well if she wasn't being treated properly. Despite all the imperfections in their management, surely they cherished her. 
    26 days ago
    IstanLegends   26 days ago
    I hope she's happy wherever she is
    26 days ago

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