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LOONA has topped the US iTunes Album Chart!
The 12-memberd girl group rose to the top of the charts with an album released 8 months ago. The "X X" album is guessed to have the topped the chart as fans learned of their parent agency losing a lawsuit, assumming the consequent fine might affect LOONA's comeback plans.
LOONA are reportedly the third Korean girl group to top this chart after Red Velvet and TWICE.

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Smilesweetie   11 months ago
Yo Taylor, I'm really happy for you, I'll let you finish, but LOONA has one of the best videos of all time 
:twitter fancam goes here: 

11 months ago
huckleberry   11 months ago
The devil works hard but orbits work harder.
11 months ago
chanhoes   11 months ago
Polaris better not be behind this because if this is another one of their ploys, they're just digging their graves even deeper and getting more buried with debts. 
11 months ago
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