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Kim Lip
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On 23rd of October, Hana Financial Investment reported that YG Entertainment (26,200 -0.76%) maintained its "Buy" rating as the company's resolving uncertainties is becoming apparent, but also raised its target share price to 31,000 won.
Lee Kihoon, a Hana Financial Investment researcher, said, “With YG Entertainment repaying LVMH, the police completing investigations, and G-Dragon getting discharged all in one month, 2020 will be a promising year for YG Entertainment as there is high possibilty of BIGBANG activities and Treasure13 becoming a reality."
He continued that YG Entertainment's estimated third-quarter sales and operating profit are 63.9 billion won and -1.3 billion won, respectively. However, he predicted that they will recover with music releases from AKMU and Winner as well as BLACKPINK's upcoming comeback all in the 4th quarter.
He said, "BIGBANG's contract renewal and Tresure13's debut are two important events for YG Entertainment. Although it has not been decided yet, there is a high possibility of BIGBANG renewing their contracts and Treasure 13 will debut in the first quarter of next year at the latest."

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huckleberry   21 days ago
The question is, does Bigbang even have a future? They are loathed by the koreans due to their scandals, except for Taeyang. 
21 days ago
chanhoes    huckleberry   21 days ago
Their international fanbase is still pretty strong despite everything that happened. They can still make loads of money.
21 days ago
Smilesweetie    huckleberry   21 days ago
Now is the time to invest in YG if you are a believer 
21 days ago
Trace Kellogg    huckleberry   19 days ago
GD is still the King and they have no problem with Taeyang.  Daesung seems to be a victim of circumstance and they are taking shots at T.O.P because he is an easy target.  That's just from knetz.  Netizens do NOT represent the whole of SK.  GD is still being mentioned favorably in many TV programs despite certain news outlets trying to paint him in a bad light, it still hasn't diminished his following.  As a group their future is pretty grim but I don't see why GD and Taeyang wouldn't continue making music and Dae has a strong following in Japan.  T.O.P I feel is pretty content to just live the rest of his life out of the limelight.
19 days ago
chanhoes   21 days ago
Poor Bang Yedam. He's been training for years only to be stuck during YG's downfall.
21 days ago