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Big Bang's G-Dragon is officially discharged from the military and 3000 fans welcome him
Big Bang's G-Dragon (GD) was discharged from the military on October 26 at the military base in Yeokbuk-dong, Yongin after completing his mandatory service. 
His discharge site was changed from Cheorwon to Yongin due to safety concerns involving the African swine fever virus.
Over 3000 fans went to see G-Dragon and greet him and he promised that he'll be back to work soon and will work hard.


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VendettaForV   1 month ago
He's going to find YG's been a busy cratering itself these past two years, but if anyone can save them I guess it's GD, what's left on his contract?
1 month ago
DungeonKeeper   1 month ago
I love GD but what kind of salute is that 😂😭 Can't wait for him to release a new song or even an album. The drought has been real.
1 month ago
Smilesweetie   1 month ago
Now he will have more free time to hang out with his buddies soon to be in prison
1 month ago
huckleberry   1 month ago
GD is one of my favorite idols ever since I was in middle school. I really hope that the speculations are wrong and that he really served with honesty and integrity. 
1 month ago
KPOPFANCREW   1 month ago
He looks so cute in this picture can't wait to see him back in work❤😋
1 month ago

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