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Make Us Entertainment takes legal action against malicious comments on behalf of Sunmi 
On October 28, Make Us Entertainment announced that they had filed a complaint to the Songpa Police Station against 12 individuals that violated the laws of defamation and insult by spreading false information about Sunmi.
They announced that they had no intention to come to an agreement and will take stern measures to ensure that those that cause harm will pay the price for their actions. They also announced that they are preparing to file an additional round of complaints. 
Lastly, they thanked the fans for their love and support for their artists and promised to continue to protect their rights and the interests of their artists and hope their efforts will bring a more mature and healthy Internet culture. 

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IstanLegends   16 days ago
Can't wait for the "it wasn't me, it was my cousin" or "I was hacked" reasons 😂
16 days ago
chanhoes   16 days ago
I love Sunmi's twitter account. Aside from having english tweets, hers are pretty funny as well.
16 days ago
DungeonKeeper   15 days ago
They better walk the talk and not end up like SM.
15 days ago

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