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I.O.I's comeback is reportedly canceled.
According to Sports Seoul report on October 29, I.O.I's reunion is virtually canceled. It was reported earlier that Choi Yoo Jung will not be able to join the group's comeback due to health issues. Now, the other member Kyulyung also unable to join due to her activities in China.
On the other hand, I.O.I was scheduled to make a comeback with 9 members without Somi and Yeonjung. However, speculation has persisted that the reunion of I.O.I will not be easy as there have been unexpected variables, with Choi Yoo Jung's hiatus due to health issues, also citing the album's completeness.
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cristiz86   11 months ago
So what happens to the album, as I understand it's completed ?
11 months ago
huckleberry   11 months ago
Disappointed but not surprised. Gathering them together, as a complete group, is as good as impossible.
11 months ago
VendettaForV   11 months ago
screeching noises
11 months ago
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